Soil Testing

The AgSource Labs located in Bonduel test soil samples brought into the UW-Extension office.  Generally it takes seven to ten business days for the lab to process the sample and send out its findings.  A copy of their findings is forwarded to the Extension horticulturalist if you require interpretive assistance. The cost is $20 per sample if you send them through the Extension office.  Instructions for sampling Garden Soils and Turf

Instructions on how to take a soil sample:

   Soil sampling instruction chart
Take at least 10 soil cores and mix them together thoroughly.
Soil cores should be taken to the same depth that the roots grow.  This means 5 to 7 inches for most gardens and turfgrass areas.  For golf course putting greens and tees, 4 inches is more appropriate.
Place 1 to 2 cups of the well-mixed soil in a clean plastic bag or a soil testing bag from your county Extension office.  Fill out the appropriate soil test form that is located on the sidebar and bring it with your payment to the UW-Extension office or directly to the soil testing laboratory.
Soil probes are available at a rental fee of $20.  (The fee can be applied to the cost of having your soil sample processed.)  Payment can be made by credit card, cash or check.
For more information on soil and turf, please visit UW- Extension Learning Store at or take the Shortcut to Lawn and Turf at the Learning Store.





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