Planning and Land Use Programs Scheduled

Allyson WatsonAllyson Watson is now in a full time role as the Communities Extension Educator for Outagamie County, a position she has held previously in a part time role. In this new full time role she is working as a community partner in developing relevant educational programming that serves the needs of Outagamie County.

The Communities Extension Educator role is one that fills much of the programming responsibilities associated with the former Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development Educator position. If you are unfamiliar with this role or have not partnered with UW-Extension through this role, here are some of the programming services and educational areas that we work in:

Programming Services:

  • Group facilitation for consensus based decision-making
  • Short and long range planning assistance
  • Public engagement processes for community-based projects
  • Downtown revitalization strategy
  • Creative placemaking strategy
  • Local government education
  • “Generations” training (a workplace training ideal for small to mid-sized departments to learn the ins and outs of better understanding intergenerational dynamics)

Educational Areas:

  • Community development
  • Economic development
  • Local government education
  • Strategic process and thinking for groups

Many events are planned for the winter and spring, click the link below to learn more.

Planning and Land Use Website Link

Get to know Allyson by following her blog.

Allyson Watson Blog Website Link


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