Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Local Government Programs

The UW-Extension Local Government Center (LGC) is publishing this announcement of statewide programs on a monthly basis.  It includes Extension programming and other programs of interest relating to local government that are offered in Wisconsin.  Asterisked (*) programs are Cooperative Extension programs. Information about the UWEX Local Government Center and its programming may be found at lgc.uwex.edu.

Local Government and Land Use Events LGC and county UW-Extension offices are hosting a five-part teleconference series called Current Issues Affecting Local Officials, in partnership with statewide governmental associations. The fourth WisLine call in the series, entitled “Fundamentals and Applications of Strategic Planning in Wisconsin Local Governments”, will be held Monday, January 11th, 10:00 – 11:00 AM. It will describe the strategic planning approach used by UW-Extension in helping nonprofit organizations and local governments to be more effective. Steve Grabow, Jefferson County UW-Extension Community Development Educator, will share concepts and illustrative case studies. For the previous (archived) and future Current Issues WisLines, see Current Issues Affecting Local Government Officials Fall 2015/Winter 2016. “Understanding Local Sign Codes”, from the LGC’s Local Land Use Planning & Zoning WisLine series, is set for January 20th, 10:30 am – 12:00 noon. The regulation of signs raises important legal issues, especially the extent to which a regulation may infringe on freedom of speech. This program will review the legal framework for sign regulation in Wisconsin and provide practical planning guidance for communities seeking to regulate signs. Presenters are Mike Slavney of Vandewalle & Associates, and Brian Ohm of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, UW-Madison/Extension. For the complete line-up of 2016 land use/zoning Wisline programs, see Local Land Use Planning and Zoning Winter/Spring 2016.  WisLine conferences are available for free listening at the UW-Extension office by reserving a space at least 48 hours ahead of time at 832-5125 or at jim.resick@outagamie.org.

Outagamie County Rural Development — The Greater Outagamie County Economic Development Corp (GOCEDC) is the group leading cooperative efforts to create jobs and income in rural areas of the county.  It is supported administratively by UW-Extension and Outagamie County Planning, with help from member villages, small cities and rural towns.  Current projects include a supper club promotion campaign, which recognizes that hospitality businesses often serve as destinations that attract visitors to rural places.  GOCEDC also helps commercial districts of small communities become brighter, more attractive places that draw the interest of consumers and entrepreneurs.  The overall purpose of these and past efforts is to create rural wealth, which becomes the foundation for ongoing community development.  Membership in GOCEDC is open to community, business and nonprofit representatives.  There is no membership fee, other than “blood, sweat and tears” on joint projects undertaken by members.  For more information on how to get involved in GOCEDC, contact Jim Resick at 920-832-5125 or jim.resick@outagamie.org.

Wisconsin Open Meetings Law DVD AvailableDon’t have time to schedule Open Meetings training?  Tired of reading complex statutes but need some quality training on Wisconsin Open Meetings Law?  The Local Government Center has created the solution in the form of informative and enjoyable 10-part video.  Each program is approximately five minutes in length and addresses Open Meetings Law with actors in a realistic setting, portraying real-world scenarios, followed by an explanation and analysis by an experienced attorney.  A perfect way to provide needed training to your entire elected body!  A copy of this video or DVD can be obtained through your Outagamie county UW-Extension office.  To check it out, call 920-832-5121.


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