Economic Development


Business District Revitalization

UW-Extension provides education to communities as they explore ways to revitalize downtowns, commercial “strips,” and adjacent neighborhoods.  The goal is to help create places that are visually appealing and economically vibrant.  Available revitalization strategies include:  retaining and recruiting business, improving building facades and streetscapes, attracting tourists and local residents, and strengthening civic and business organizations.


Green Jobs and Workforce Development

UW-Extension provides educational support to business, workforce and economic development organizations, and schools as they prepare the workforce for emerging green jobs.  “Green jobs” are those that serve to protect the environment, conserve and develop energy resources, or help us adapt to climate change.  Some of the educational strategies include:  conducting labor market supply and demand analysis, organizing collaborative networks, researching industry sectors, training workers who are in transition, and helping youth explore green careers.


Rural And Small Town Survival Strategies

UW-Extension seeks to help small communities and rural areas tap economic opportunities and community life amenities.  The goals include  stabilizing population levels and preserving tax base.  Sample strategies include:  developing new agricultural enterprises and value-added processing, marketing communities to keep and attract residents, supporting business development, improving community services, and seeking better access to the internet.

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