4-H Demonstration Activity

Registration DUE June 12, 2017

The Outagamie County 4-H Demonstration Activity is an annual event that promotes communication and presentations skills.

Members may demonstrate on any topic of their choice.  A demonstration relating to a project enrolled in will be most beneficial to the participant.  It permits you to gain knowledge in project subject matter information.  Demonstrations include an introduction, a presentation with a finished product, and a summary.  A team demonstration shall consist of two members with the age of the older member determining the age class. The same individual or team cannot give the same demonstration a second time in the county activity.

The event will be held Friday, June 23, 9 am, UW-Extension Outagamie County office.

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You will receive a schedule after registrations are finalized.  We encourage you to stay and listen to as many other demonstrations as you possibly can.  You learn by participating as well as listening to your 4-H friends.

Demonstrations are to be approximately 5-7 minutes in length for members in grades 3-5; approximately 6-8 minutes in length for members in grades 6-8; and approximately 7-10 minutes in length for members in grades 9 and up.  Please time your demonstration before you come to be sure you are observing the time limits.  Time will be allowed after each demonstration for questions from the judge.

Youth may enter in one of the provided categories and will be evaluated on their presentations.

Cloverbuds can participate in the event.  Demonstrations limited to General Individual, Foods Individual or Agriculture Individual and shall be approximately 3 minutes in length.  Cloverbuds receive a participation ribbon only.

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